Hey everyone, my name is Ciera and I'm a Portrait Photographer.  I have been doing photography off and on for over 10 years. I am self taught with some college courses; but mainly self taught.  I have been focusing on Seniors, New Born, Maternity and Boudoir I can't get enough; seeing confidence, character and energy from my clients is an amazing feeling.

 I love natural light photography, vintage cameras and most of all people. On occasion I will dabble in Landscape and Wildlife.

I feel that a portrait has an endless amount of emotion. I cherish being able to capture time and life, growth and memories. It's not just about a subject in front of the camera it's about a story forever frozen in time that the subject tells; and every story is different. Photography is so rewarding, I can't imagine My Story without it.

LIVE IT, BREATHE IT, SEE IT, CAPTURE IT Professional Photographer

Waddell, Arizona, United States


My Story

The eye behind One Eye Shutterfly!