Welcome to OES Studios

I am so excited to announce the opening of both the Arizona and Utah OES Studios. Both locations ae available to rent hourly for other photographers, creators, videographers or small events. These studio spaces are filled with everything you can imagine and setup with love and passion to create in beautiful safe spaces. Each studios include a client closet, lighting, backdrops, props, plenty of parking, coffee station, seating, IPS area, newborn designated shooting area, large family and studio shooting space. *Utah Studio is large enough to photograph vehicles.

Each studio will have special areas setup for upcoming holidays or seasons.

*Studios have a UV light sanitizer for small newborn items that can't be washed, all other items will be washed and sanitized accordingly. Robot vacuums clean daily in addition to mops, brooms and cleaning supplies available to use after each session.

Questions or concerns please email OES2studios@gmail.com

Studio FAQ

Were is the studio located?

I have two studios available for rent. Waddell, Arizona &
Logan, Utah

Do you have a client closet for my Maternity client?

Yes, I absolutely have a client closet that other photographers can utilize for their clients. I also have a client closet preview with different gowns, short and long in a variety of colors.

I think I will only need 30 minutes, do I still have to book by the hour?

Yes, studio rentals are done hourly. You will need time to get settled, client to arrive and clean up per the studio requirements, so hourly is the best way to make sure you get your session done without having to rush yourself, or the client.

How do I keep siblings entertained while they aren't in the session?

Both studios have a small kids play area that includes, a children's kitchen, play food, small table with chairs and books.

“An artist's studio should be a small space because small rooms discipline the mind and large ones distract it”